Online Speech Coaching

Brian Loxley frequently works with clients online. Whether you are in New York or New Delhi, the United States or United Arab Emirates, with a good internet connection and an excellent webcam, the face-to-face interaction can be as effective as working together in person.  Brian can work remotely to deliver accent reduction training, voice development, and speech coaching.

Due to COVID-19, Brian has moved all his coaching sessions online.  This may be an excellent time to work on your speech and communication skills.  Many people have the time to do this now.  When the crisis is resolved, you will be ready to re-engage with a new confidence in your speaking ability.

Some clients are finding their speech sessions to be an enjoyable diversion from the current crisis.  Exploring your favorite literature by reading it aloud, for example, is a pleasurable activity while at the same time improving your pronunciation and speaking skills.

Online sessions allow you to have a coaching session in the privacy of your own home or office without the need to travel.  Time and distance are not barriers to receiving excellent speech coaching. Contact Brian today to discuss how he can help you improve your communications skills, wherever you are.

“Working with Brian is an awesome experience. He helped me not only realize the voice problem I had but also find the best way for me to overcome all these issues. Also, I didn’t have to come all the way to his speech studio in New York City because we worked by Skype. I had my doubts at the beginning but they were gone after our first session. I dare say it is at least as effective as being in the studio, and I felt more comfortable doing this at my own place. A great upside is that he allows you to record the whole session even on Skype.”

Aaron Chen, Ph.D.
Philadelphia, PA

I worked with Brian, who is a great pronunciation coach, to improve my speaking skills as a Japanese-English linguist, First, I met him in New York and continued working with him via Skype after my relocation to California. I really enjoyed both styles, because meeting him face-to-face felt more engaging while doing a Skype lesson enabled me to have an early morning lesson. The quality of Brian's feedback via Skype was as great as when I had lessons in his studio in New York. Thanks to his help, my pronunciation improved quite a lot and it surely added value to my services as an interpreter."

Hirofumi Jinno