Clients of the Speech Studio

Brian works with any individual who wants to improve his or her communication skills. He has helped hundreds of clients with an array of common speech problems.

Most of the clients of the Speech Studio fall into two broad categories: business people who want to be more successful and individuals who want to improve their speech and communication skills.

Here are a few examples of the need for speech coaching that brings clients to our door:

  • a business executive needing to give an outstanding presentation at a world-wide conference
  • a physician needing to communicate clearly to her patients and colleagues
  • a father having to give a toast at his daughter’s wedding
  • a salesperson wanting to project more confidence and clarity over the phone

They are in business, finance, insurance, accounting, technology, pharmaceuticals, consulting, law, medicine, teaching, broadcasting, the performing arts, and non-profit organizations.

Brian has worked with many of the major companies and corporations in these fields as well as major law firms, hospitals, and universities in the New York Metropolitan area and around the country and the world. He works with many of the consultants at the Boston Consulting Group and with executives and partners at other companies and law firms. He coordinates with Human Resources, Human Capital, and People in working with employees who may need his help.

Brian also works with many individuals from all walks of life who come to the Studio on their own.

Contact the Studio to set up a free consultation and learn how Brian Loxley can help you or your organization.