Why Choose the Brian Loxley Speech Studio?


Brian’s extensive speech training and decades of experience as a speech coach, trainer and educator means that he has no doubt worked with many others on the exact speech problems you face . . . and others you may not even be aware of! His experience means that he can analyze your problems correctly, build on your strengths, and create just the right exercises to quickly improve your communication. He is then able to explain what you need to do in a way that you understand and help you adapt to the new speech patterns.

It’s not just about speaking

The training you will receive at Loxley Speech Studio is not limited to voice and speech but encompasses all of your communication needs. The response you are looking for from others is not “Oh, what lovely voice and speech you have,” but rather “That’s a very interesting idea; tell me more.”

The communications training at the Studio is highly practical, focused, intensive, and efficient. We work to solve problems and then apply what we lean to your daily conversation. You are given specific drills, exercises, and assignments that move you forward quickly.

It’s fun

Brian attempts to make the speech work enjoyable and fun and always finds ways to make the most routine drills come alive with insights, details, and occasionally humor. A good laugh is one of the best ways to reduce public speaking anxiety.

It’s all about you

Finally, the speech and communications training is about you and your problems and goals. I adjust the training to your learning style and go at pace that feels comfortable to you. And I always give you the attention, support, and consideration you deserve.


Is Brian Loxley the right speech coach for you? Contact him today to find out!

I have great news. Last week I was accepted [into a graduate program]!! I danced with joy. I think the interview was the key to success. I attended your speech studio for 8 months. During those days you gave me not only speaking skills but also self-confidence in English.”

Natsuko M.

I’m getting more jobs as an interpreter—thank you very much for all your help with my speech.”

Yuko O.

You are great at what you do, and I have changed significantly because of what I have learned from you."

Merlita F.