New Online Course

Fall, 2024

Standard American Speech
(Accent Reduction)

Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Ten Weeks, beginning October 9th

This course will give you several very powerful techniques for making your speech clear, accurate, smooth, fluent, and expressive.

**Small Group**
**Individual Attention**

Being a member of a small group will allow you to interact with other participants and learn from their responses and interactions with the coach.  The classes are highly interactive, and you will have many opportunities to participate and have your questions answered.  You will receive individual attention in the class sessions as well as an individual diagnostic test, a one-hour individual coaching session, a complete set of training materials, and access to the Speech Studio’s database for The Word of the Day for Pronunciation.


  • Individual one-hour Diagnostic 
  • Individual one-hour coaching session
  • Training Materials

The course will cover:

  • Speaking absolutely clearly and being understood at all times
  • Pronouncing all words and phrases correctly
  • Speaking with a clear, strong, expressive voice
  • Speaking smoothly and fluently with excellent rhythm
  • Being grammatically correct and using the English language well
  • Developing excellent communication skills

Course Fee: $850. by October 2nd

(Discounted fee for early enrollment by September 9/18: $750.)