Change Your Speaking Voice

Q: What noise do you not like?
A: My voice before it was trained.
— the actor Sean Penn, being interviewed by James
Lipton on the program “Inside the Actor’s Studio”

Brian’s training can improve your voice clarity and projection

Many people who come to the Speech Studio reveal that they do not like the sound of their voices. Some people have voices that are breathy, nasal, raspy, tense, or monotone. Others have trouble projecting their voices so that they are loud enough to be heard.

Voice training can help them overcome these deficiencies and improve the way they sound. Brian coaches clients on how to use their vocal mechanisms properly. Yes, you really can change your voice!

An excellent voice begins with a solid foundation of breath support.

An excellent speaking voice has a relaxed and open throat, a controlled exhalation of breath as you speak, a focus aimed up and forward into the “mask,” and a full, balanced resonance from the chest up through the top of the head. You will be shown specific exercises that you can practice on a daily basis, and you will be taught how to apply good vocal technique to your everyday speaking.

The result will be a strong, vital, dynamic voice that is mature, assertive, and yet pleasing—a voice that makes a favorable impression on others when you speak and reveals the person who you truly are.

Development of the voice, in combination with speech improvement can dramatically improve your effectiveness as a speaker, whether in public, for business or in casual conversation.

Would you like to change your voice? Contact Brian today to set up a free consultation.

My voice has indeed changed! It sounds more mature and confident with an improved tone and resonance. As I studied with you, I was always impressed with the brilliant method of your teaching, not only the wealth of your knowledge, but also the practical, sensitive, and intelligent way you are able to impart it. We worked hard but always in a fun and relaxed atmosphere."

Catherine Blanche

Brian, I just introduced myself to a new client on the phone. All I said after confirming it was him was tell him my name and company. First thing he said was “wow, you have some voice, you should be on the radio...” he was very serious and wasn’t joking. Credit to you, Brian !!!!!"

Chris R Institutional Sales and Trading