Improve Your Communication Skills

Learn to Speak with Confidence and Clarity

Excellent voice and speech is not an end in itself but rather serves a communicative purpose. When you speak to someone, the response you want is not “Oh, what a nice voice you have,” but rather “That’s very interesting; I’d like to know more.”

Brian Loxley’s goal as a speech coach is to help you become a more effective and successful communicator. He will help you use your voice, speech, and language skills to

  • perform well on job interviews
  • speak up in meetings and groups
  • teach a class effectively
  • interact smoothly and successfully with a wide variety of people.

At the Speech Studio, Brian works with you on basic interpersonal skills such as listening, asking good questions, answering questions, responding to inquiries, building rapport, developing conversational and social skills, using nonverbal communication to your advantage, and persuading and winning people over to your point of view.

We also work together to deal with problem areas in communication, such as practicing assertiveness, responding to complaints and criticism, criticizing others without offending them, handling difficult people, and avoiding and resolving conflicts.

An excellent use of voice, speech, and language play a vital role in becoming an outstanding communicator, and we use them to our best advantage.

Brian draws upon a background in interpersonal communication, theatre, and business as well as over 40 years of experience working with people who like yourself want to master these skills and become effective communicators.

His approach is highly practical, focusing on the present more than on the past and on developing communication skill sets and evolving strategies that help you address specific problems, turn undesirable situations around, and move forward as a confident, assertive speaker of English.

Contact Brian today to start polishing your communication skills.

I was thinking about how much your speech class has helped me over the [past] ten months. I feel like a different person because of your class. I've learned to be assertive and I feel like myself again! Thank you so much for your excellent teaching!"

Aiko Y., Pre-school teacher

Thanks for building the confidence back into my speech."

Vera L.

Your speech coaching has helped me tremendously in the past half a year--not only with English itself but also with being more confident and assertive in a conversation."

Lisa Y., computer security expert