Speech Improvement

Is the clarity of your speech holding you back?  If so, let’s get to work and do something about it now!

Speech coaching with Brian Loxley will help you articulate precisely, crisply, and distinctly so that you will be understood easily and quickly.

Brian can help you correct problems with:

  • mumbling or slurring of words
  • annoying speech patterns such as hesitancies and unnecessary repetitions
  • mispronunciations
  • regional or non-standard dialects of English

In your speech training, we will explore rhythm, proper phrasing, and pacing to help you express yourself clearly and dynamically so you can have an impact on others.


Benefits of Improving Your Speaking Skills

With Brian Loxley’s coaching, you will increase your vocabulary and command of English so that you know the exact word or phrase to use and are grammatically correct at all times.

By becoming more articulate and well-spoken, you will be able to express your ideas and viewpoints with clarity, intelligence, and persuasiveness—whether in formal presentations and speeches, courtroom and media appearances, job interviews, business meetings, or in everyday, ordinary conversation.

Accurate, standard, crisp speech and a command of English will help you sound like the intelligent, mature, educated person you no doubt already are.

Contact Brian to get started improving your speech today.

My family has recognized my speech improvement and thank you. It’s showing a little each day."

Astrid J.

I’m calling to thank you for the brilliant last session. It was of vital importance to me. Thank you again."

Alexandra I., College Instructor