Accent Reduction

Improve your English pronunciation and speaking skills

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“Could you repeat that please?”

For many native and non-native English speakers, accent reduction or modification is the key to more successful business and social interactions. Brian Loxley can help you learn how to speak English clearly, correctly, and confidently.

He begins with a diagnostic test and thorough evaluation of your pronunciation and use of English in order to identify the specific problems that need to be addressed.  You will then work together to prioritize these problems and address them in the sessions that follow.

For accent reduction or modification, Brian will focus on:

  • articulation of specific vowel and consonant sounds
  • the strength and quality of your speaking voice
  • your patterns of rhythm and intonation
  • the correct use of English

Improve Your English Speaking Skills

Brian’s goal is not just to improve your English pronunciation but to help you communicate more effectively in the situations that are most important to you. These may be:

  • giving a speech or presentation
  • going on a job interview
  • talking with clients
  • speaking up in meetings or on conference calls
  • chairing a meeting
  • communicating with your boss
  • more effective social interactions

You will receive your own copy of Brian’s training manual, a recording of each session, and customized exercises for daily practice.


Clients Who Have Benefited from Accent Reduction









Hospital Administrators





Personal Trainers








. . .  and many, many more!


Brian works with both businesses and individuals. He can create group classes for accent reduction in a corporate setting or work one-on-one with clients in his Rockefeller Center studio or via Zoom. He has helped foreign speakers of English from countries all over the the world and from all professions and walks of life.

Read more about Brian’s work on accent reduction in the New York Times.

Contact Brian so that you can begin to experience the benefits of clear, accurate, fluent, confident, and expressive communication.

It was very nice working with you during the last two years. Now I feel more confident with my pronunciation and my communication skills. I think you did a terrific job guiding me to improve my English. Thanks for your hard and committed work."

Guillermo. A., Manager, Financial Planning

I just wanted to thank you for helping me so much with improving my accent and my presentation skills. I even got an ‘A’ for my presentation."

Micki T. (Israel)

When I came to this country, there were two people who understood my English. Thanks to you, I've got to the point where I can comfortably hold a conversation without a fear to be misunderstood or be asked to repeat myself again one hundredth and first time over. It's a great relief. Thank you for this wonderful half a year."

Igor G. (Russia)