Common Speech Problems

Presented by Clients of the Speech Studio

I speak too fast.

I mumble a lot. People don’t understand what I say.

I speak in a monotone.

I run out of breath when I’m talking and can’t finish my sentence.

My grammar is poor; I’m unsure of how to say things correctly.

I have trouble expressing my ideas.

I don’t like the sound of my voice.

I have no vocal power; people can’t hear me.

I sound like a child.

I’m not assertive enough; people take advantage of me.

I’m afraid to speak up in meetings.

I’m extremely nervous when I have to give a presentation.

I speak English with a foreign accent, and people have difficulty understanding me. They ask me to repeat what I’ve said.

People find it hard to listen to me.

I’m speaking broken English.

I feel embarrassed when I have to speak up in a group or when I have to speak to my boss.

I don’t sound educated.

People correct my pronunciation or my English when I’m speaking to them.