Proper Pronunciation Guide


[hju stən]

[hɑ͜us ən]


  • In the first pronunciation, referring to the city in Texas, pronounce the letters “ou” like the name of the letter “u”—
  • In the second pronunciation, referring to the street in New York City, pronounce the first syllable like the word “house.”
  • In both pronunciations stress the first syllable.
  • Pronounce the letter “t” as a lightly tapped
    /d/ in quick speech.

Practice Sentences:

Al's company transferred him to Houston.
The Angelika Cinema is located at Houston and Broadway.


  • (proper noun) The first pronunciation refers to the large city in Texas.

  • (proper noun) The second pronunciation refers to the street in New York City running from east to west that separates Greenwich Village from Soho. It is also the street that begins the numbering system of streets in Manhattan, being “0” with successively numbered streets, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Streets, continuing northward all the way to 263rd Street in the Bronx.


Soho, an area of Manhattan known for art galleries and lofts, takes its name (“So” plus “ho”) from “South of Houston,” where it is located.
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