Proper Pronunciation Guide


[ɑ͜ɚ kə tɑ͜ip]


  • Pronounce the first syllable like the word “are” and stress it.

  • Pronounce the letters “ch” as


  • Pronounce the first letter “e” as the weak schwa vowel


  • Pronounce the letter “y” like the name of the letter “i”—

    /ɑ͜i/—so that the final syllable is pronunced like the word “type” just as it is spelled.

Practice Sentence:

His role in the new play was the archetype of the stern, authoritative father.


  • (noun) The original pattern or model on which all things of that type are based or which is copied; a prototype. In Jungian psychology, a universal, unconscious image, idea, or pattern of thought that is inherited and present in individual psyches.

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