• Pronounce the letter “u” as

    /w/ so that this word is a homophone with “sweet.”

Practice Sentences:

They moved into a new suite of offices.
They had been listening to The Peer Gynt Suite during dinner.


  • (noun) A series of related things that fit together as one entity, such as a group of offices belonging to a single business or a series of short musical compositions which are related thematically and played in a specific order.


The Peer Gynt Suite is a series of musical compositions for orchestra by the Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg, based on his incidental music for Henrik Ibsen’s verse play, Peer Gynt.

Some speakers confuse “suite” with “suit” [sut], which is something you wear. Suite is also a homophone with “sweet” (sugary), and these two words can become confused with “sweat” [swɛt], which is perspiration.

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