Proper Pronunciation Guide


[trɑ͜iʌm vɚət]


  • Pronounce the first syllable like the word “try.”
  • Stress the second syllable [ʌm].
  • Use the y-like consonant glide
    /j/ to link from the frist to the second syllable—from
    /ɑ͜i/ to [ʌm].
  • Pronounce the letters “ir” as the weak R-vowel,
    /ɚ/ .
  • Pronounce the vowel in the final syllable as the weak schwa vowel
  • Use the consonant glide
    /r/ to link from the third to the fourth syllable—from
    /ɚ/  to [ət].

Practice Sentence:

The three judges ruled as a triumvirate.


  • (noun) A governing body consisting of three people who share power equally.


The concept, as well as the word, originated with the three magistrates who governed ancient Rome.
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