Proper Pronunciation Guide


[sɛ gwe͜iɪŋ]


  • Pronounce the first letter “e” as the short vowel
    /ɛ/—like the vowel in the word “bed”—and stress it.
  • Pronounce the letter “u” as
    /w/ and the letter “e” like the name of the letter “a”—
    /e͜i/, producing the word “way.”
  • The consonant
    /g/ is blended with “way” to produce [gwe͜i] for the second syllable.
  • Use the y-like consonant glide
    /j/ to link from the second to the final syllable—from
    /e͜i/ to [ɪŋ].

Practice Sentence:

The talk show host was particularly good at segueing to a commercial break.


  • (verb, present participle) Transitioning smoothly and without interruption from one segment, or part, to another in, for example, music, speaking, or performing. The ultimate segue, perhaps, is a cross-fade in which one segment fades out as the other fades in.

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