Proper Pronunciation Guide




  • Pronounce the letters “aw” as
    /ɔ/—like the sound of disappointment, Awwwww!
  • Do not diphthongize the vowel in this word as /uɔ/ or substitute the vowels
    /ɑ͜u/, or
  • Do not cut the vowel off too abruptly but rather sustain it slightly because it is final.

Practice Sentences:

She's studying law.
She works in a law office.
Bob received a low score on the law exam.


Since the vowel /ɔ/cannot be linked to another vowel with any of the consonant glides [w, j, r], there is necessarily a short break between /ɔ/ and a following vowel when the next word begins with a vowel. This is why some speakers have developed the habit of pronouncing the word “law” as [lɔ͜ɚ], which allows them to use the consonant glide /r/ to link to a next word beginning with a vowel, as in “law office” or “law exam.”
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