Proper Pronunciation Guide


[ɪn kæɫ kjə lə bḷ]


  • Stress the second syllable and pronounce it like the first syllable of “California.”
  • Pronounce the second letter “c” also as
    /k/ and blend it with the letter “u,” which is pronounced as /jə/—producing [kjə].
  • Pronounce the second letter “a”—in the fourth syllable—as the weak schwa vowel
  • Pronounce a syllabic “l”
    /ḷ/ in the final unstressed syllable.

Practice Sentence:

"But however we got to this point, the stakes now are incalculable." (Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, speaking of the war in Iraq, the New York Times, January 12, 2007, p. A-12.)


  • (adjective) Beyond being able to be calculated or measured objectively; huge.

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