Proper Pronunciation Guide


[ˏɛ͜ɚə stɑ fə niz]


  • Pronounce the first syllable as the word “air” /ɛ͜ɚ/, and give it a minor stress.
  • Give the primary stress to the third syllable [sta].
  • Pronounce all five syllables.

Practice Sentence:

Aristophanes' plays are still performed today and are often as relevant and funny as they were 2500 years ago.


  • (Proper Noun) The best-known Greek comic playwright (450 – 385 B.C.) from the Golden Age of Greece, who wrote satirical plays such as The Clouds, The Birds, The Frogs, and perhaps most famously Lysistrata, in which the women go on a sex strike to stop the men from waging war.

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