Proper Pronunciation Guide


[æf tɚ nun]


  • Pronounce the letter “a” as the short vowel
    /æ/—and not, for example, as
  • Be sure to pronounce the second vowel as the weak R-Vowel
    /ɚ/ —and not as
  • Stress the third syllable and pronounce the vowel as a distinct and long
    /u/—and not, for example, as
    /ʊ/ .

Practice Sentences:

Good afternoon, Jane.
We had a lovely afternoon sitting by the lake.
I have an appointment with her later this afternoon.


When pronouncing the words “this” and “afternoon” together―as we often do, link the letter “s” into the beginning of “afternoon” and also pronounce the vowel in “this” as the weak schwa vowel /ə/. The result sounds like “the safternoon.” We do the same with “this morning”―”the smorning” and “this evening”―”the sevening.” See evening.
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