Proper Pronunciation Guide




  • Pronounce the letter “u” as the short vowel
    /ʊ/ —like the vowel in the word “put.”
  • Be sure to pronounce a very distinct, gradually expanding consonant glide
    /w/ before the vowel
    /ʊ/ —as in the words woman and would.
  • Shorten this already short vowel
    /ʊ/  even further because it is followed by an unvoiced consonant.

Practice Sentence:

When Bob panicked after accidentally cutting his finger and drawing blood, his girlfriend exclaimed, "Oh, don't be such a wuss!"


  • (noun) A person who is weak, timid, and easily frightened; a sissy; a wimp.


The adjective “wussy” [wʊ si] is used occasionally as when Frank Rich, for example, wrote in the New York Times about some people’s response to Senator Barack Obama’s vision of post-partisan inclusiveness: “Opponents who dismiss this as wussy naïveté do so at their own risk. They . . . lull themselves into underestimating Mr. Obama’s political killer instincts.” (The New York Times, Sunday, June 8, 2008, The Week In Review section, p.12.)
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