Proper Pronunciation Guide


[ɔg zɪɫ jə ri]


  • Pronounce this word as four syllables, stressing the second one.
  • Pronounce the letters “au” as
  • Pronounce the letter “x” as /gz/—first as a stopped “g” /g̚/ to end the first syllable and then as
    /z/ to begin the second syllable.
  • Pronounce the letter “l” firmly as a “dark l”
    /ɫ/ and sustain it slightly.
  • Pronounce the second letter “i” as the “y-like” consonant glide

Practice Sentences:

He was a member of the auxiliary fire department.
The word "can" is an auxiliary verb.
The Women's Auxiliary sponsored the church dinner.


  • (adjective) Secondary, helping, supporting, backup, substitute, or reserve.

  • (noun) A group or organization that supports or backs up a larger group or organization, as shown in the third practice sentence.

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